Underwriting Advocacy

Promoting the insured’s best interests.

Intelligent and aggressive underwriting is the single most important factor in dictating the cost of insurance, yet very few insurance professionals truly understand the intricacies of the underwriting process and deliver meaningful differentiation. Contrary to common knowledge, while insurance companies must follow prescribed underwriting guidelines, their underwriters do have flexibility on many decisions. At Krupin Partners, we go far beyond simply submitting paperwork to carriers – we leverage our high volume, experience and personal relationships with senior underwriters to obtain “exceptions” from the carriers, resulting in the most competitive offers possible. This results in lower long term pricing and better overall value for each of our clients period

Furthermore our scale has forced us to become experts in navigating insurance company retention limits and the reinsurance process which differ greatly throughout the industry based on a client’s age, health and net worth. While insurance companies promote the perception that underwriting is a tact-based assessment of risk, the truth is that underwriting is more art than science. Our expertise, combined with having our in-house medical director reviewing each case, results in us obtaining the required insurance amount at the most competitive offers for each client’s unique situation.



Our insurance practice blends sophisticated product design with institutional implementation. We analyze offerings from both a structural and economic perspective. People often think life insurance products are commodities and every company issues the same product. This is far from true as every company issues multiple policy types with varying cost structures and contract terms to fit a variety of planning scenarios. Through careful analysis of policy contract language and features, it is possible to find anomalies that exist in certain contracts. By finding these contract anomalies, we can deliver unique and valuable economics to families.



After almost 50 years of managing life insurance, we know life insurance is rarely properly acquired and never managed. This neglect is creating a monumental financial disaster for many individuals. Ongoing and active professional policy management can protect against a wide variety of potential policy disasters, assure policy stability and gain maximum efficiency of committed resources. This can result in meaningful savings and/or increased benefits both short term and over the life of the policy as well as highlight problems which may otherwise not be evident until it is too late for solutions to be effective.

We provide individualized, ongoing service with special attention to performance, policy values and pricing.