Underwriting Advocacy

Promoting the insured’s best interests.

Intelligent and aggressive underwriting is the single most important factor in dictating the cost of insurance, yet very few insurance professionals truly understand the intricacies of the underwriting process. At Krupin Partners, we go far beyond simply submitting paperwork to carriers. We leverage our high volume, personal relationships with senior underwriters and independence to obtain “exceptions” from the carriers, resulting in the most competitive offers for our clients with respect to pricing and coverage.

Since the carriers need a never-ending supply of well-defined “risks” to insure, we help them accomplish their business goals by averaging over $100,000,000 each month in insurance protection for our clients. This volume, combined with having our in-house medical director reviewing each case to determine carrier appetite, makes us popular with the carriers. As a result, the most competitive and highly-rated insurance carriers for each client’s unique situation are happy to negotiate with us, frequently resulting in multiple offers.

Our success at advocating the most successful underwriting processes is rooted in our long history and full comprehension of in-house, automatic and jumbo retention limits, the reinsurance process, and the idiosyncrasies of the individual carriers. This high level of experience, combined with years of building and maintaining unparalleled relationships with the most senior underwriters, makes us a valuable partner in servicing the most discriminate clients.

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