Risk Management Reviews

Dynamic solutions for dynamic clients.

Changes in assets, lifestyle, family or the general economy can warrant adjustments to insurance coverage. At Krupin Partners, we proactively address our clients’ dynamic needs through our proprietary Risk Management Review™. This valuable annual service enables clients to quickly ascertain whether or not existing coverage brings peace-of-mind, or if further discussion is necessary.

The Risk Management Review™ includes:

  • Detailed policy summary
  • Pricing benchmark
  • Policy ownership and beneficiary review
  • Audit of policy performance versus original projections in permanent life insurance policies
  • Assessment of policy conversion provisions if term life insurance
  • Identification of beneficial features available in newer policy structures, such as guarantees and flexibility
  • Overview of specific risk management products available to and in the best interest of the policy owner


The Risk Management Review™ is one of many incremental and cutting-edge services we are proud to provide to our clients.

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