Premier Disability Plans

One size does not fit all.

Corporations and partnerships across the nation struggle to provide sufficient long term disability (LTD) coverage at affordable rates, particularly for highly-compensated employees. Krupin Partners’s proprietary Premier Disability Plans resolve the “one-size-fits-all” downfall of group LTD insurance.

Our clients seek this uniquely-structured benefit program to protect their high-income earners, usually without increasing their overall cost of LTD insurance.

Key features of Premier Disability Plans include:

  • Increased benefit maximum for highly-compensated employees, without medical exams
  • Total income replacement for selected participants may reach 65% tax free, equivalent to 100% of gross income
  • Guaranteed issue for stabilized costs
  • High limit, guarantee issue buyout and key man disability coverage, without medical exams
  • Portability of benefits for participants
  • Retirement Plan contributions included / insured during a disability
  • Long term care options

The relationships we have fostered with insurance carriers over nearly four decades through high-quality, high-volume business has enabled us to create this valuable program. As a result, our clients have a unique benefit that helps attract, retain and bring peace-of-mind to key employees.

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